One-of-a-Kind Industrial Automation Projects

Industrial Automation and Control System Solutions

One of the reasons companies trust Advanced Control System with their one-off projects is because we are value-conscious, nimble, and enjoy the challenges associated with your unique system programming needs. We are never too busy to help you bring your solution online, and our 20-year history in control system engineering allows us to bring insight that some of the other guys just can’t. Our capabilities include:

  • Control System Engineering/Design
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Development
  • Data Logging Using MySQL
  • Detailed Documention

Here are some examples of unique projects we have completed for  clients from small manufacturing shops to a Fortune 500 airline manufacturer.

Industrial Riveting Machine

Advanced Control Systems Non-Hydraulic Riveting Machine Developed control system for the first non-hydraulic C-Frame riveter. This servo-controlled, all-electric riveting machine was a far superior solution to historical riveting methods and has been adopted throughout the aircraft industry. The machine utilized:

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC
  • ControlLogix Servo Card the control the four servo motors.
  • HMI to allow the operator to easily change machine settings

Hydraulic Fluid Cell Press

Hydraulic Fluid Cell Press Developed control system for fluid cell press.

Automated Light Pole Fabrication and Assembly

Automated Light Pole Machine This machine  was developed to assemble several configurations of light poles. This machine utilized:

  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Integrated general motion control used to control a plasma torch to cut bolt holes for light fixtures
  • Integrated a robotic welder into machine to weld the base plate onto pole

Fiberglass Pipe-winding Machine

  • Fiberglass strands must be precisely wound around a mandrel to produce fiberglass pipe for the petroleum industry.  Working with a fiberglass pipe manufacturer we were able integrate electronic control of this process.  This increased production significantly and eliminated material wasted by doing the process manually.  The control system was implemented in plants in the United States, China, Brazil & Dubai

Plastic Manufacturing Solutions for Leading Manufacturer of Outdoor Gear

  • Automated Screw Shooting Machine
  • Automated Plastic Case Trimmers & Separators
  • Flame Treatment for Plastic Cases
  • Material transport from production using Robots and general transport conveyors.

Conveyor Systems

  • Designed control system for guest luggage conveying for one of the top U.S. tourist destinations
  • See our Airline Projects to learn about the 50+ conveyor control systems we’ve developed for clients worldwide

SmartPick Tool Storage Retrieval System (pic)

  • Developed control system for a footprint-reducing inventory storage system for a major business jet and single engine aircraft manufacturer

Tool Storage and Retrieval System Skin Drill System

  • Designed and programmed a control system for a  tool storage and retrieval system for a Fortune 500 commercial aircraft manufacturer

Sports Training Equipment

Our client hired us to program a unique basketball training aid that doubled as an arcade game prototype. The goal was mounted on a rotating carriage base, allowing players to simulate a variety of shot conditions and distances while they remainined relatively stationery. This prototype has been installed in a national arcade chain.Features:

  • Custom-designed HMI incorporating sound wave files for immediate user feedback
  • Goal sensors
  • 3 increasingly difficult skill levels.