Strategic Partners

Control Systems Engineering

Advanced Control Systems has been serving customers with professional control systems engineering since 1994. We design, build and program control systems to fit our customers’ unique needs across multiple industries, including:

  • Aerospace Manufacturers
  • Airport Baggage Handling Systems
  • Material Handling Conveyor Systems
  • Process Manufacturing Control Systems
    • Fiberglass pipe
    • Outdoor equipment and sporting goods
    • Research and development laboratories
    • Automated tool storage and retrieval systems
    • Integration of robotic systems
    • Systems integrating servo motion control
    • Vision Systems Integration

Our customers trust us to deliver reliable results, and we rely on key suppliers to provide our customers’ with the industry’s best solutions.

We’re proud to be Kansas’ only systems integrator to participate in Automation Direct’s SI Direct System Integrator Program.

Advanced Control Systems Automation Direct SI Direct System Integrator

Lazerworx Design Studio, LLC provides all of our original and replacement electrical control panel legends, ID plates, and lamacoids.

Control Panel Legends, Lamacoids, Phenolic Labels, ID plates, electrical panel labels